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FORT PSL Coffee Shop Build, Front View


Can I get an extra shot?

Check out this super creative build from @jmacgibbs! They used 1 FORT to build a Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Shop!
If you want to replicate this, you can get the printables from @themamanotes and the garland comes from @feltley.official.

Build Instructions

Step 1: Take one large square piece and two rectangle pieces. Stand up your large square piece, with the rectangle at a 90-degree angle, coming out from the back of it, connected at the bottom right. On the bottom left, extend the other rectangle piece out from the other corner.
Step 2:Take your other large square piece and line it up with the left side rectangle piece, so that the rectangle piece is connected to the large square piece by it's bottom two magnets on its broad face.
Step 3: Take the two remaining rectangle pieces and connect them by their sides, and stand them up. Then connect the bottom exterior corner to the bottom right rectangle connected to the front large square. This will mirror the large square on the other side of the build.
Step 4: Take your arches and half-moons - bridge the two interior rectangles with your arches (in this build, we used little pumkins to boost up the arches to give a wider surface area for the "coffee shop" but you can skip this step if you don't have anything that size). Take the half-moons and place them on top of the sides, and you're done!

FORT PSL Coffee Shop Build
FORT PSL Coffee Shop Build, Detail View

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