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Kickstarter Policies

Kickstarter Return Policy

Because Kickstarter is a funding platform and not an actual store, we cannot offer refunds or returns for items received as Kickstarter rewards. The support we get from Kickstarter backers is what helps us generate the startup costs, customer feedback, and buzz to get our company going. The products you receive from backing our Kickstarter are called “rewards” because they are a token of appreciation for believing in our company and helping us grow. We offer them at drastically reduced rates in exchange for financial backing, and we greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your understanding. If your reward truly offers no value, then here are a few options we would be glad to help you with: 

  1. Give your reward to another parent/grandparent/guardian/school. There are a lot of great kids out there who would enjoy our products and find them valuable. We’d love it if you shared it with them if you found no value in it. 
  2. Sell it! We offer our products at crazy low prices, so throw it up on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and you’ll more than make your money back (we’ll even help you do it).
  3. Give it another chance. Maybe you’ll find something to love! Sometimes there can be a settling in time for new things in the house, you never know! 

Thanks again, and please feel free to contact us with any questions at hello@getthefort.com.

Kickstarter Damage or Defect Policy

We’re working very closely with our manufacturer to make sure that our products roll off the line looking good! Of course, things happen. While we don’t offer a refund, return, or warranty for Kickstarter rewards, we will gladly work with you to solve any defects or issues that may arise in the manufacturing or shipping process. 

The beauty of our product is truly its simplicity. At the end of the day, it’s an upholstered product that can be fixed with a sewing machine and a little bit of gumption (or a professional tailor/upholsterer; that works too). We’d be happy to guide you on fixing it, helping you find someone to fix it, or whatever else you need. Just let us know at hello@getthefort.com!

Due to our commitment to be as environmentally conscious as possible, we will be offering patch kits and replacement magnets for FORTs that become damaged during use. We understand that foam and fabric have a natural lifecycle, but we want our products to last as long as possible.

Following in the footsteps of responsible companies like Patagonia, we want to help get your FORT repaired or recycled. Please contact us at hello@getthefort.com for more info.