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Kickstarter & Shipping

The FORT launches on Kickstarter January 26th, 2021! Stay tuned to our email list for details about the launch - launch.getthefort.com

The FORT retails for $399. Join our email list for access to great discounts! - launch.getthefort.com

Our shipping rates will be $50 per FORT for Kickstarter.

We are not planning on shipping internationally for the Kickstarter. Stay tuned to our email list for shipping updates once we get established! - launch.getthefort.com

We are not able to ship to Canada for our Kickstarter. Stay tuned to our email list for more updates on shipping. launch.getthefort.com

We are not planning on shipping to APO/FPO right now. Jump in our Facebook group to join the discussion and hear about our decision.

We are offering up to 4 FORT's to each customer during our Kickstarter.

We are unable to offer a discount for the purchase of multiple FORT's. We are also unable to offer shipping discount's if you buy multiple FORT's. You can however, buy up to 4 FORT's during our Kickstarter, however the price per FORT and per FORT shipping will be the same for each unit.

Unfortunately Kickstarter does not have a financing option. However when we launch our online store we will offer financing on the FORT!

We will be offering between 3-7 colors for our Kickstarter depending on customer demand. Customers will have the opportunity to share what color they want in a post purchase survey.

Product & Safety

All small pieces are choking hazards to children, however our magnets are sewn in by master seamstresses with our special mag-safe system, making them completely inaccessible to little hands! Our covers are sewn on permanently for your child's safety, virtually eliminating the risk of your child getting a hand on our magnets.

Neodymium magnets (or “Rare Earth”) have an inherent risk associated with them. However these magnets have been evaluated and passed by our stringent safety and quality control tests. There is no risk of a magnet being exposed to a persons skin (there is also no known benefit either!). 

We caution those with electronic medical implants and pacemakers to keep their distance from raw magnetic materials. Please contact hello@getthefort.com if you have any question about this. 

We’ve found no problem using Apple or Android devices while resting on top of a FORT! A magnet can potentially wipe a credit card or ID badge, so it’s best to keep those away from magnets.

The FORT is made from an polyurethane foam and polyurethane leather (PU). The magnets are neodymium magnets. We use a strong nylon thread to tie it all together.

Our foam is compliant with CertiPUR-US product standards. This means it is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates and is low VOC for healthy indoor air! To learn more go to https://certipur.us/.

Our fabric is made from polyurethane leather and passes all US safety standard tests for dangerous chemicals.

We’ve partnered with a factory in China that specializes in early childhood products.


Yes! Our PU leather is waterproof! The PU leather is stain proof for the most part, however if you let oily substances sit on it too long it may create an oil stain on the fabric.

The FORT’s seams are incredibly strong, using nylon thread that is meant for adventure gear makes them very durable.

Each FORT comes with 12 pieces - 2 half moons, 2 arches, 2 triangles, 4 rectangles and 2 squares.

We are planning on offering a non-magnetic FORT for the Kickstarter.

Our covers are not removable. We use waterproof fabric and tough stitching to make sure the magnets are not accessible to tiny prying fingers.

The FORT is basically compatible with anything magnetic! As long as you have the North and South poles lined up anything will work.

The dimensions of the FORT when it is stacked in it’s tower configuration are 26 in deep, 26 in wide and 30 in tall. Each block is 5 in deep with varying dimensions between 13in to 26 in.