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Been thinking about pre-ordering the FORT but need some more details?

Here’s the rundown on the coolest pillow fort out there:

FORT has 12 foam pieces: 2 squares, 4 rectangles, 2 triangles, 2 half moons and 2 arches! 

The pieces are light enough so that kids as young as 3 years old can move them without parental intervention. This enables creative, open-ended play and allows them to use their imagination . . . no screens involved 📵

FORT uses strong neodymium magnets to keep your builds together

Do I really need to tell you how awesome magnets are? They are strong, but not too strong. The magnets are custom made to keep the builds up so kids can crawl inside, but not too strong so that they can't be easily manipulated.

FORT is waterproof and wipeable for a quick cleanup or an outdoor adventure!

I mean . . . ketchup came right off. Clean with mild soap and water and you're good to go! The FORT can even be used outside in the grass (but don't leave it out overnight). Oh, and that's my 🐶 George, he's a good boy, his claws don't go through the FORT! (it's not intended to be a dog house 🐾).

FORT can be a couch for lounging, a rocket ship to take you to Mars, a castle fit for a queen or a relaxing reading nook! Configurations are limitless!

Yay! You can get the FORT on May 25th for $499

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