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*That's Ian's emoji :)

You all are the reason we have grown so quickly! To be able to handle that I asked my best friend to pitch in (quite literally, I was the best man in his wedding).  He's been listening to me talk his ear off about FORT for months now,  and we live down the street from each other so he's seen it from the  beginning. We're bringing him onboard full-time around the Kickstarter. Welcome Ian to the team!!

Bringing  on Ian as our first employee is going to be key in our success as a  small company. With Ian on board I'll have the time I need to execute  the timely production and shipment of your Kickstarter orders as well as  upcoming product releases. Trust me he's awesome! He's worked in  customer service for years with companies as big as Apple and as small  as your local bike shop! He'll be your main line for excellent customer  support, order/payment questions and product info. I wouldn't trust  anyone else to do it!

He'll be taking Facebook, Instagram and email. Please refer FORT questions to hello@getthefort.com - that will be the fastest way to get an answer from FORT!

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