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You might be wondering? Can I really purchase a FORT right now and receive it within 1-2 weeks? Where did that come from?


You might know that FORT had a large Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. You may not know we've run into our fair share of challenges while making the delivery of the Kickstarter happen. The costs of importing have been skyrocketing and FORT is taking a huge loss on the campaign so most of our customers purchased drastically under our costs. In order to make up that difference, we're having to do some creative things.


FIRST - We are now shipping FORTs to Kickstarter backers who chose to pay an optional charge to cover rising costs.
SECOND - We are shipping out our pre-orders from our online store.
THIRD - FORT is IN STOCK online in 3 colors that will be at your door in 1-2 weeks (with more coming!)
FOURTH - We are using the profit from sales in store to ship the rest of Kickstarter units.


What does this mean for you?


If you pre-ordered a FORT its shipping has been moved up. If you were waiting until they were in stock, check to see if we have your color! Accessories will have shipping delays of 30 days or so.


We need your support more than ever. Our plan to ship all of our Kickstarter units is to use the money we make from new sales to cover the loss we took on old. To do this we need new customers to buy and any customers who get their unit to share with their friends!


From a personal standpoint: I do realize this is all wonky and not an ideal situation. It's been incredibly challenging and if there were any other way to make this happen I would be doing that.


Thanks for your support! I hope we can get you your FORT soon!
- Conor

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