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FORT May Colors

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☀️ In case you MAY have missed it, we’ll be opening up our online store for pre orders soon!

Save your couch cushions and get the best pillow fort being made! (Yes, we've got magnets, and yes, the FORT is awesome).

Here's a look at our new summer colors!

First we've got SUNBEAM. A mellow bolt of yellow with just the right amount of pop.


ECLIPSE is a black with a touch of blue and grey that peeks through. Modern & minimal, the perfect addition to add some contrast to your home.



ACORN is a neutral brown that evokes a classic saddle leather or cognac.



BOYSENBERRY is a sip of red wine on a cool evening. It's a perfect match for homes with many leather bound books and rich mahogany.



SEASHELL is a new generation light pink. The perfect blush for modern bright homes that can compliment a white or pastel setting.



FORT PINK is our vibrant "hot pink" based on the FORT brand colors! It's a limited edition that we're offering to celebrate our online store opening. Get it while it's hot!



We'll be offering our winter seasonal colors in limited quantities as well!


You can get the FORT in May for $499. Removable magnetic cover sets will be available for $299 as well!

May pre orders are scheduled for Fall 2021 delivery.

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