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FORT Kickstarter Colors!

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The colors you all have been waiting for! Introducing Heron, Bluebird, Peapod, Cascade, Gulf and Thistle! We will email you when it's time to choose your color after the campaign ends.We will not run out of any of these colors, each FORT is made to order!Choose one color PER FORT. 


FORT Kickstarter Reward Colors



  • Why only 6 colors?To be transparent the biggest issue we've run into with colors is safety testing. For each color we have to go through separate safety testing which is time consuming. To make sure we deliver FORT to you safe and quickly we've had to limit the selection to colors available and in stock at our factory.

  • Will you have more colors later? (Black, pink, white, tan etc?) YES! We're already working to develop custom colors! This will be a huge part of our business going forward but it takes a little bit of time. We hope to release new colors every season and bring back the greatest hits of course!

  • Are these colors limited to the Kickstarter? In a way...We're using the Kickstarter to gauge the response to this limited palette.  We think of these as our "winter" colors! I would say this - if you see a color you really like here, buy it up at this deal price, it may be your last chance!

  • When will more colors be available?We are projecting to open a second release of colors on our website sometime in May. This should include new colors and a one time only - limited release color. We won't be offering any discounts after the Kickstarter, so if you're on the fence act now!

  • How do I choose my color? We will email you when it's time to choose your color after the campaign ends!

  • Will you run out of colors during Kickstarter? Nope!

  • If I buy 4 FORTS can I have 4 different colors? Yep!

  • Can I buy one FORT set with different colored blocks?Nope, maybe someday but not yet!

  • What accessories can match my FORTS colors? Right now we're limited to the straps to match the FORT colors. The other accessories come in limited colors (to be announced soon 😉).

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