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FORT Cover on Kickstarter

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You asked and we made it happen! Turn your FORT into an ottoman or seating area with the FORT Cover!
The Cover is made out of a suede-like, synthetic microfiber. It's got a zipper that zips around a single FORT set while it's stacked into two sets of 3 blocks high. It also has a nice webbing handle on the back side for moving.
The FORT Cover comes in a neutral grey color only. It will be available during the Kickstarter for $50 USD.
If you've got some questions see below!
  • Is it like the N_____t fabric? Yes! It is 🙃.
  • Is it waterproof? No, not really. It'll shed a little water but it's not like the normal FORT fabric.
  • Will it come in other colors? Not for the Kickstarter, BUT we will be offering it in other colors in the future. Email us - hello@getthefort.com to let us know which colors you want us to make in the future!
  • What size is the FORT in this configuration? 26 inches deep, 15 inches tall and 52 inches long.
  • How many FORTS can it fit?One FORT set! (12 blocks)
  • Will you sell out of Covers? Nope! They are made to order!
  • How much is shipping for Covers? All FORT accessories ship free!
  • Does the Cover have any magnets in it?Unlike our Magnetic Blanket it does not have any magnets in it.


To help you calculate your FORT add on accessories for the Kickstarter we made a special calculator - CLICK HERE!

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