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🚀 How to back the FORT Kickstarter 🚀

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🚀 Yes that's right, if you're reading this you're on the list to get the FORT on launch day, January 26th, 2021. Can't wait for you to get one!

⏰ I can't share the exact time it will launch yet, but let's just say it will be around mid-day (EST).

⌚ I'll share launch time the day before so you can plan on it the next day.

📥 You'll get a special link, straight to your email inbox the second it launches!

📲 Join our SMS list if you want the link texted to you!

⏳ You'll have all the rest of the day to back the campaign! Keep in mind, that at 11:59PM January 26th, the deal will go to 35% off.

👍 And don't worry, if you want to change your order, no problem, as long as you back within that day you can always adjust the amount of FORTS or accessories later. You'll be able to add any extra FORTS or accessories the whole month of the campaign.

💕 On the accessories note: I WOULD LOVE IT if you bought an accessory or two (or 5)! It would help us raise more money and get our campaign further out into the world!

Below are the steps to walk you through how to back our campaign.

1. Click the link in your email to take you to the Kickstarter page and click "BACK THIS PROJECT"


FORT Kickstarter Back This Project


2. Select the "🧲 FORT 🧲 - 45% OFF" Pledge (OR "❌ NON-MAGNETIC FORT ❌ - 45% OFF" if you'd like non-magnetic)
I do not have an image of this exactly, but this is what the box will look like below.
Pledge FORT Kickstarter

If you would like more than one FORT or any accessories then add the cost of that FORT or accessory to your campaign in the "pledge amount" box. (You can always change this later).

This is where you have the power to choose how many FORTS or accessories you would like. (Accessories and prices will be announced in a week or so).

For example if you would like 2 FORTS at $219 you would go to the "Pledge amount" box to the right of "Shipping destination" and plug in $438 ($219 x 2).

And if you would like to get two lights ($12 each) along with your 2 FORTS you would add $24 + $438 = $462.

A great example of how to add on to your pledge can be found here. (We will send another email with this info again before launch).

Colors of FORTS and accessories will be chosen in a survey after the campaign is over. Colors to be announced soon.

Shipping will say "$0" this is because shipping is charged closer to the time it ships. Shipping is $50 per FORT for lower 48 states. AK/HI price TBD.


3. Checkout and done!

Your payment info will be stored but you will not be charged until the end of the campaign around February 24th.

We will send out surveys post campaign for colors and to keep your payment and address information up to date.

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